Join Our Movement in making the world wide web and digital platforms accessible to those with disabilities. We strive to help people with Disabilities TAP into the world wide web creating better access to internet services by giving them the best web experience. It takes a TEAM to win a CHAMPIONSHIP! We are inviting you to join our team and let’s become champions helping those with disabilities have the most wonderful internet and digital platforms experience possible!

We welcome:

Freelancers - Web Design Agencies - Web Development Agencies – Marketers - Social Media Managers- Law Firms- CPAs - Compliance Agencies-

We at Ada@TAP are now offering full training for a home-based business opportunity to individuals interested in a lucrative stream of income. Help our team uphold the ADA recommended standards for websites and digital platforms for those with disabilities by becoming a trained ADA specialist.

Partners & Affiliates Benefits

  • Good Deed
  • Free Sign Up
  • Tap into $65 Billion Market
  • Lucrative Stream of income
  • Help improve the internet for Everyone
  • Upsell for Agencies
  • Expand your client’s consumer reach
  • High Earned Commission
  • 30 Day Net Basis Pay (Due to refund policy)
  • Home based Business Opportunity